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The journey of Freeport Street Parts Supply began in 1969, characteristic parts store of the day. You could always find a fresh pot of coffee, and more often than not, a group of old men sitting in the corner trying to "solve the world's problems". Chuck Schnitzer, an enterprising young man just a few years out of high school, got word that the two owners were seeking a delivery driver. Needing a stable job, he applied. Jim and Maurice were at first reluctant about hiring Chuck. Contrary to what you might think, their reluctance had nothing to do with his character, in fact he was a very sharp and personable young guy, it was because of his long hair, which was the style of the time for young males in the early 1970's. In desperate need of a driver, they offered Chuck the job, but on one condition, he'd have to get a haircut. Chuck knew he really needed the job, but having to be the one "square" in town with a crew cut didn't sound too appealing. After much thought, Chuck swallowed his youthful pride and got the haircut, and in turn the job. Within a short time Chuck made a good impression on Jim and Maurice. The two quickly grew to respect Chuck's intelligence and hard working attitude. Over the course of years, Chuck worked his way from being a driver to a lead counter person (by the way, if you were wondering, they still didn't let him grow his hair out).

It didn't take long for Chuck to realize that the auto parts business was quite a lucrative industry to go in to. Knowing that the only way he'd ever truly make a success of himself was if he owned his own parts store, he parted ways with Jim and Maurice and went out to build a business of his own. About Freeport Street Parts Supply 2 After several years of hard work, struggle, and set backs, a rare opportunity came to pass. Jim had grown tired of the industry and had decided to sell the business. He came to Chuck (Maurice having already retired) and offered to sell him Freeport Auto Supply. Chuck accepted the deal, and within a short amount of time he, along with a business partner, purchased the business.

Freeport Auto Supply would continue to be strong under the watchful eye of Chuck until the 1980's, when outside commercial auto parts chains began springing up all over the country. Seeing the writing on the wall, Chuck diversified his business by adding paint and body supplies to his already strong auto parts business. This opened Freeport Auto Supply to a whole new market of customers in the collision and customization industry, that often had a use for both auto parts and paint supplies.

As fortune would have it, several years later, when the local small engine repair shop closed their doors, Chuck saw another grand opportunity. In an unused garage behind the auto supply's show room, he opened his own repair shop and began selling small engine and outdoor power equipment parts. This was to be the decision that put Freeport Auto Supply on the map. As the small engine business grew, and became a dominant asset, Chuck realized that the Freeport Auto Supply name didn't quite suit the broad business that it had become. It was decided that Freeport Auto Supply would be renamed Freeport Street Parts Supply to better describe the scope of its offerings.

Today Freeport Street Parts Supply is as strong as ever. Numerous companies, municipalities, government agencies, and of course, thousands of people from the Houston area are loyal customers to one of the last independently owned parts stores in the Houston area. After all these years, Chuck is still at the helm of Freeport Street Parts Supply, and he hasn't changed a bit. He's still as sharp-witted and hard working as ever, but he isn't too concerned about how he wears his hair anymore. Even though the world has drastically changed around it, Freeport Street Parts Supply is still quite the same. You'll still find fresh coffee in the coffee pot, a group of old men (albeit a new group) sitting in the corner, and the same service and expertise you'd expect from a parts store from a time where things were much simpler. We appreciate everyone who has been a loyal customer to us after all these years and look forward to a bright future.

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